Reflections on My 2018 Adventures

Looking back, it was the little things, the unplanned moments, the unexpected ones, the ones that absolutely took my breath away. These were the ones a photo wished to but could never capture. The times I learned something new and where I learned more and more about myself. The moments where my mind simply wandered and drifted away. These were the ones of total serendipity that truly made me reinvigorated and lustful for life. These adventures were simply, magical.

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My First Omakase Experience

first omakase experience shiki los angeles

My first omakase experience was memorable, warm, and delightful.

“I’ll leave it up to you” is essentially what Omakase translates to.

Take all of your trust and throw it out the window. Then, grab that trust back from out the window and give it to the sushi chefs at Shiki, an authentic gem most notable for being the new home of famed master chef Mori Onodera. Soon, I discovered Mori worked under Michelin Three Starred Jiro, from Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

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The Beauty of Osaka

running man osaka

The beauty of Osaka cannot be described in one word.

Although most people would say it’s like a smaller Tokyo, Osaka goes far beyond that. Osaka, the third largest city in Japan is far different than its polished and pricey big brother Tokyo. With its own laid-back personality, and far less people than Tokyo, Osaka is relaxed and charming.

dotonburi large crab sign
iconic kani doraku crab on left

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Living My Best Food Life at Kuromon Ichiba Market Osaka

A burst of colors, smells, and culture is what you’ll experience at the Kuromon Ichiba Market in Osaka.

Less crowded than Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market and just a 3 minute walk away from the Nippombashi station, this bustling market is a MUST do for anyone visiting Osaka.

octopus skewers osaka japan
fresh octopus skewers at kuromon ichiba market

kuromon market osaka seafood
fresh variety of seafood

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