What To Do in Malta Alone or With Friends

what to do in malta alone spinola bay sunset

‘What to do in Malta alone?’ was what I thought to myself initially. But after spending just four nights on the islands of Malta (Malta, Comino, Gozo) I could’ve stayed there forever.

Besides beautiful, amazing, breathtaking and a million other synonyms in the thesaurus, I couldn’t even BEGIN to describe the islands of Malta. And neither could the 19th century poet Edward Lear. He ran out of ways to depict the picturesque landscape so quoted below, he made up the words ‘pomskizillious’ and ‘grophibberous’:

Its coastal scenery may truly be called pomskizillious and grophibberous, being as no words can describe its magnificence.

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Back on the Road Alone to the Blue Grotto in Malta

blue grotto beautiful traveling alone

After spending a few sleepless few nights with Ashley and Forum in Barcelona and Malta, I’m back on the road once again to the Blue Grotto in Malta- but this time, I’m alone.

I got used to being with them because it was comfortable. You wake up, grab breakfast with people you know and you don’t feel so awkward or out of place in a city where you don’t have a local coffeeshop to go to.

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My First Time Traveling Alone in Copenhagen

waterfront nyhavn canal colorful houses in copenhagen europe

The first few days were brutal.

During my first time traveling alone in Copenhagen, I slept about 3 hours each night. 

Iā€™m not sure if it was because I was jet lagged, tired, anxious, lonely, or maybe all the above. After tossing and turning in bed all night, it was 7:30 AM and I had not fallen back asleep. At that point, I got up and got ready to begin the day.

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My First Time Traveling Alone

The majority of my fans’ reactions when I announced that I was leaving was one of genuine concern. They were right to feel that way since it was going to be my FIRST time traveling alone.

And the other 20% of my fans were really REALLY excited for me!

I know, I know.

The world seems more dangerous than ever in this day and age.

Violent terror attacks and shootings have skyrocketed. The issues of human rights and gender inequality continue to largely exist.

But what are we suppose to do?

Be afraid, hide and never leave our homes?

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