Back on the Road Alone to the Blue Grotto in Malta

blue grotto beautiful traveling alone

After spending a few sleepless few nights with Ashley and Forum in Barcelona and Malta, I’m back on the road once again to the Blue Grotto in Malta- but this time, I’m alone.

I got used to being with them because it was comfortable. You wake up, grab breakfast with people you know and you don’t feel so awkward or out of place in a city where you don’t have a local coffeeshop to go to.

After getting off at the last bus stop, I’m currently walking to the Blue Grotto, a sea cave on the Southeast of Malta. From where I’m at, it’s just a 25 minute walk away, which isn’t nearly as bad as the 15 miles I walked in just one day in Barcelona.

And here is my current view

Traveling alone gives you a lot of time to think. Time to think about yourself, where you are, and where you’re going.

And I’m fascinated with what I’m surrounded by in Malta. There’s vast amounts of land and farms, and not a lot of people in sight. Aside from the tourists at the major landmarks and attractions, there aren’t many people outside of that in the mainland. It’s actually very nice and peaceful.

inland of Malta walking to the blue grotto
countryside of Malta

On my right, there’s a cloud of smoke in the distance coming from the plains. I have no idea who started it or why it is there because there’s not a single person in sight. Yellow golden walls and run down houses built from limestone speckle the hills. The flora here consists of endemic species such as Maltese spurge and sea quill which grow in the Mediterranean climate. Fig trees, carob trees, palm trees, bushes and cactus also line the paths that I’m walking on.

Farms, vineyards, and the Mediterranean Sea- I can see it in the distance.

After my tired calloused feet have walked me through the hilly paths under the hot sun, I finally arrived to the beautiful Blue Grotto! I jumped over and trespassed a wall just to capture this unreal photo (I would not recommend doing this was taken from a really high up cliff and I was very very close to the edge).

blue lagoon in malta sea cave ferry ride

After admiring the beautiful landscapes along the Blue Grotto, I was starting to get hungry. I also wanted to keep exploring the natural wonders of this island. So off again I went, to the next destination into the wild!

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