Havasupai Falls: How to Reserve a Spot and Tips

The pristine turquoise waterfalls of Havasupai cascade 100 feet down into the landscapes of a relatively secluded Indian village within the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.

The dreamy scenes are remarkable.

Who would’ve known this hidden gem of magical waterfalls would be located just hours away from Southern California?

Named one of America’s Best Secret Swimming Holes by the Travel Channel, Havasu Falls is the perfect destination for adventurers seeking a wilderness journey with limited reservations that filters out crowds of tourists.

So you want in.

When do Havasupai reservations open up?

  • Spots open up at the beginning of February each year
  • The campgrounds are open year round but peak season is from March – October, where temperature is ideal and it’s less crowded
  • Recommended time at Havasupai Falls: 3-5 days
  • Reservations are completely booked within the first month. Mark your calendars and check the official website for updates.

How do I reserve a spot?

  • Online at the official website
  • Call the Havasupai Tourist Office by phone: (928) 448-2121
    • Office hours are from Monday – Friday, 9am-3pm

Do I need a reservation to hike?

  • Yes. Since it’s protected Indian land, you’ll need a permit if you’re planning to hike in

Fees- As of 2017

  • Entry Fee – $50 per person + 10% tax
  • Environmental Care Fee – $10 per person + 10% tax
  • Camping Fee – $25 per person per night + 10% tax
    • 1 night- Total in fees per person: $93.50
    • 2 nights: Total in fees per person: $121.00
    • 3 nights: Total in fees per person: $148.50

Camping and Lodging

  • Campgrounds have access to restrooms, drinking water, tables
  • Lodging: $145.00 per night + 10% tax (4 person per room)
    • The lodge is approximately 8 miles from the Hualapai Trailhead http://theofficialhavasupaitribe.com/Havasupai-Lodge/havasupai-lodge.html

How Do I Get to Supai Village and the Campgrounds?

Supai village and its campgrounds are not accessible by car. However, there are a few alternatives:

    • Hiking in – The beginning of the trail to get to the Supai Village and campgrounds starts at Hualapai Hilltop. From there, you can park your car and take your belongings.
      • Hike to Supai Village = 8 miles
      • Hike to Campground = 10 miles
    • Helicopter Service – Skip the hike and get flown out (including your belongings) by a helicopter provided by the Supai Tribe.
      • Hours are 10am-1pm on a first come, first serve basis. Ensure you arrive 2-3 hours prior to get your spot. One way flight is approximately $85.
    • Mule Service – Don’t feel like carrying your belongings in? Consider reserving a mule at least 1 week prior to your trip and have your belongings carried in.
      • Fees: One-way ($121), Round trip ($242) – However, the maximum number of bags for one mule is 4, so the price can be split amongst 4 people.


  • Average temperature of the water is 75 degrees °F year-round.
  • March to May: The average temperature is from 50-75 degrees°F, with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s.
  • In June to September, average temperatures can get as high as 100 degrees°F. This makes conditions better for swimming, but keep in mind it will be more crowded during summer.

Clothing and Gear

Like any typical camping trip, you’ll need the essentials. Below are a few things needed. Check your local REI to see they’re available for rental.

  • Backpacking backpack to carry your belongings in
  • Daypack
  • Light tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • MREs (Meals ready to eat)
  • Waterproof Pouch/ Case for your phone to take pictures

Prohibited Items

  • Drones
  • No campfires allowed inside the campgrounds

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