Hello Tokyo Part 3: Ichiran Ramen for Breakfast, Pablo, and Hot Cheetos

Ichiran Ramen is hotly debated as the BEST ramen in the world

For this reason, this popular 24 hour ramen joint attracts a 2 hour wait time on average during busy hours

But IS it really the best ramen in the world?

I had to see for myself.

Front of Ichiran Ramen in Japan
Ichiran Ramen in Shinjuku Tokyo

Pekkle, Angus, Vouy, and I went to Ichiran Ramen at 8 in the morning

We walked down the stairs to order from the vending machine

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted additional toppings like mushrooms, rice, extra pork slices, extra egg, extra green onion, or beer

ordering from vending machine at ichiran ramen
ordering ichiran ramen in shinjuku tokyo

So I picked the recommended Ichiran Ramen because I was overwhelmed with choices!

got my ticket for my ichiran ramen!

In the dining area is a row of seats which are separated by dividers

Here lies THE ULTIMATE individual ramen experience where nothing can distract you from the perfect ramen you are about to enjoy

booth based ramen experience
individual booth experience at ichiran ramen

At your little booth, you are given a sheet to customize your ramen to your desires

Whether you want extra firm noodles, ultra rich broth, strong flavor strength or with green onion, you can have it all

the ultimate individual ramen experience with your own water dispenser

There is even a self-serve water dispenser in your booth

After patiently waiting for about 15 minutes or so, the ramen finally came out

I quickly dug into the creamy rich pork-based tonkotsu broth with skinny long Hakata noodles and soft boiled egg


it’s you and me baby, nothing but ramen

The fresh hot ramen was so good that Pekkle, Angus, Vouy, and I did not speak to each other until we finished our meal

Although it was a heavier breakfast than I was used to, I finished ALL of it, slurping down the last droplets of rich broth

After this, we walked towards Shinjuku station to find Pablo for dessert

Shinjuku Tokyo buildings
Shijuku Tokyo in the morning

Up and down the escalators we went

Around and around in circles we walked

We must have walked for about 40 minutes around the massive Shinjuku station, trying to find this must-try to die for place in Japan


We asked, about ready to give up pacing up and down the pedestrian walkways inside Shinjuku JR station

We were struggling. Hard

And that’s when I looked up ahead


I walked faster

The bright yellow walls with orange sign black outline popped out and there he was..


You got lucky you were so tasty and smooth, your crust so light and delicious

Your cheese tart filling so premium and amazing

You got lucky because one bite into you, we completely forgave you for what you had put us through, Pablo

the life of pablo cheesecake tokyo
Oh, the life of Pablo!

After this journey, we were EXHAUSTED and went back to our AirBnB where I had a japanese version of hot cheetos waiting for me

closest thing to hot cheetos that we found in japan

At that moment, I remembered I had packed hot cheetos with me to eat on Easter Day

I immediately looked at my phone

It was in fact April 1, 2018, which meant that it WAS Easter Day and I could finally eat hot cheetos again!

After 40 days and 40 nights of not eating hot cheetos, I could now eat the crunchy spicy crack-infused snack that I had chosen to sacrifice for the lord baby jesus

Overall, it was a successful day of food in Japan but  WAS ICHIRAN the BEST ramen in the world like everyone says?

Pekkle thought it was, even going back two more times later

However, I on the otherhand needed to try out more ramen joints in Japan before making a decision..

Coming up: Getting on the wrong bullet train and the making of a dog meme in Kyoto

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