Make Kobe Proud

be kobe port of kobe japan

A trip to Japan would not be complete without stopping by Kobe. Because when you can’t BE KOBE, Make Kobe Proud.

From Osaka I took a train towards the ocean where the mountains frame this idyllic land, famed for its top quality marbled beef. 

My first stop was the Ikuta Shrine, one of the oldest shrines in the country!

Entrance to Ikuta Shrine

After this, Vouy and I walked around the city’s restaurant area in search of the BEST KOBE BEEF.

We stumbled upon a highly rated restaurant along the main strip of Kobe. This popular Kobe steak restaurant required advanced reservations and because we went to Kobe on a whim, we had no reservations.

I implored the restaurant’s owners and managers to make room for us, because I was on a QUEST to Make Kobe Proud. And a trip to Kobe without tasting the delicate rich flavor of the exclusively bred cattle.

They could see the desperation in my eyes for after much negotiating, Steak Ishida was magically able to open up a reservation for us in 2.5 hours! 

We got so lucky.

Vouy and I happily left and explored the streets of the city, downtown, chinatown and the Port of Kobe.

To make Kobe proud, I had to first and foremost get THE photo with the sign at Kobe Port before I could consume any Kobe beef.

lakers mask kobe sign port of kobe japan
Making Kobe Proud at the Kobe Sign

Oh man, Kobe was EVERYWHERE! Everyone in this city had to make Kobe proud. And I was in heaven!

Finally returning to Ishida Restaurant for their top rated Kobe Beef, my stomach was grumbling, my palette was dry, and I was HANGRY.

steak ishida restaurant in kobe japan
Entrance of Kobe Beef Steak Ishida Restaurant

I went up the stairs and into an intimate setting which seats about 10 people at the Teppanyaki style bar.

inside steak ishida restaurant kobe
kobe steak brought out to you
Premium cut of Kobe beef in Kobe

The steak you order is presented in front of you and never leaves your sight. From this moment on, you are able to witness the entire process from beginning to end. No cooks spitting on your food, no hanky panky, no switcheroos of the meat, nothing! 

It was a classy restaurant and nobody else in this intimate room had their phone out, but I had no shame. I pulled out my camera because I HAD to document this. And I’m glad I did because looking back on these photos, I could almost taste the rich profile of the juicy Kobe steak.

It was an amazing meal although pricey, with every piece of the Kobe meat cut and cooked perfectly. I was in carnivore heaven.

What a great time that day it was making Kobe proud. 

It was time to go and I left.

But I want to go back.

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