Living My Best Food Life at Kuromon Ichiba Market Osaka

A burst of colors, smells, and culture is what you’ll experience at the Kuromon Ichiba Market in Osaka.

Less crowded than Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market and just a 3 minute walk away from the Nippombashi station, this bustling market is a MUST do for anyone visiting Osaka.

octopus skewers osaka japan
fresh octopus skewers at kuromon ichiba market
kuromon market osaka seafood
fresh variety of seafood

skewers at kuromon ichiba market osaka
grilled fresh seafood never frozen

With myriads of fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, and strange and wonderful delicacies in this expansive market, foodies are in for a treat

Not only does Kuromon Ichiba Market serve as a meeting point for fish auctions and lots of vendors

But it’s also a spectacle


flamethrower used to cook seafood at osaka fish market
flavored scallops at osaka fish market
chef cutting seafood at osaka kuromon ichiba market
Chef filleting the fish

Although it’s best to go as early in the morning as possible when the fish and food are most fresh, everything is still going to be super fresh and delicious even if you get there much later.

In comparison to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market, Kuromon Ichiba Market had more grilled food, skewers, and pizzazz!

And while Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is the largest wholesale fish market on the planet, there were a few special vendors in Osaka that won my heart:

Flavored grilled scallops 

scallops at kuromon ichiba market
Man grilling scallops
friends eating scallops at kuromon ichiba market
Vouy, Pekkle, and Larry feasting
delicious scallops in shell at osaka market
torched scallops in their shells
Angus loving his scallops!

Uni – Grade A sweet sweet bright gold uni straight from the source. Take your pick of fresh live sea urchin and have the fisherman pry open it right in front of you

sea urchin stall at osaka fish market
sea urchin preparation
fresh uni sea urchin at osaka kuromon market
Fresh uni prepared right in front of you
uni sashimi fresh at osaka seafood market
Golden and fresh uni

Premium Kobe and Wagyu Beef Sticks

japanese wagyu beef sticks
delicious wagyu beef
wagyu skewers osaka market
second best wagyu i tried in japan
boiled seafood radish in broth osaka
Oden cooking and bubbling
fried food at osaka fish market
fried seafood
crab heads at kuromon ichiba market osaka
close up of crab heads
desserts at kuromon ichiba market
mochi strawberry dessert

osaka's kitchen kuromon ichiba

Flame throwers, torches, long knives, spices, tweezers, fryers and tongs- whether to fillet fresh tuna or to grill octopus, the utensils were the chefs’ instruments and the chefs were rock stars!

I stood in the middle of this expansive market with smoke from the grills billowing into the air feeling hazy and in awe of this spectacular performance.

The Kuromon Ichiba Market in Osaka was truly a sight to see that it’s no wonder both locals and tourists have fallen in love with this amazing place.

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