My Eat Pray Love Moment in Malta

What to do in malta alone eat pray love xlendi bay

I was initially wondering what to do in Malta alone and wasn’t looking for that cliche eat pray love moment where I fall in love with my pasta, but it happened!

After a long day of exploring the island of Gozo, I was starving after not having anything to eat all day. I finally stumbled upon Ta’ Karolina, a Maltese restaurant along the waters of the beautiful Xlendi Bay in Malta.

Gazing at the beautiful turquoise blue waters of Xlendi Bay, I remember when the waiter finally brought out a basket of hot fresh bread with a delicious marinara and olive oil butter mayo sauce. Because I hadn’t eaten all day, the moment I placed the warm bread on my tongue, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

ta karolina maltese restaurant malta xlendi bay
Hot warm fresh bread with a marinara and garlic butter sauce

As I eagerly waited for the actual food to come out, I sipped on wine. It was Green Label, an authentic Malta white wine with a crisp clean taste and hints of fruit.

CLASSICAL MUSIC. Arie der Königin der Nacht by Mozart started to play as the waiter, in the distance, walked towards me with the dish.

It was the most bountiful plate of fresh mussels, clams, shrimp, and squid in a white wine sauce with cherry tomatoes I’d ever seen.

The seafood to pasta ratio was generous and plentiful! It looked unbelievable.

“Bon Appetit”, the waiter said.

My whole body was shaking from excitement!

“DEAR LORD”, I thought to myself

amazing seafood pasta at xlendi bay ta karolina
The best seafood pasta I’ve ever had

I hastily grabbed the fork and STABBED IT right into the center of that prawn.

Then I twirled the fork around to gather the pasta and placed the whole thing into my mouth.

And finally, the moment of truth.

FIREWORKS! An explosion of flavor from the seafood juices, the white wine and cherry tomato sauce bursted into my mouth. The freshest seafood was so heavenly and delicious. The slight saltiness from the soft mussels, sweet cherry tomatoes and the soft pasta noodles melted on my tongue.

I closed my eyes and let my tastebuds do the work and thought

This was surely the best seafood pasta I have ever had.

Even though I was alone, I felt happy. And admittedly, I was probably slightly drunk off the bottle of wine I had to myself too.

After devouring every inch of that plate, I sat there for another moment with my glass of wine

view of xlendi bay gozo malta
overlooking xlendi bay in gozo

Satisfied and full, I took in one last look of the unreal view I had all to myself

continuing with my solo adventures on the island of Gozo

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