My First Omakase Experience

first omakase experience shiki los angeles

My first omakase experience was memorable, warm, and delightful.

“I’ll leave it up to you” is essentially what Omakase translates to.

Take all of your trust and throw it out the window. Then, grab that trust back from out the window and give it to the sushi chefs at Shiki, an authentic gem most notable for being the new home of famed master chef Mori Onodera. Soon, I discovered Mori worked under Michelin Three Starred Jiro, from Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Your fate of the unknown dishes lie with the master sushi chef. Omakase highlights the chefs’ techniques, skills, style, and knowledge of the seasonal items available that night.

The Omakase menu at Shiki takes a classic and simple approach towards Japanese cuisine.

After my tastebuds were living their best life, experiencing the true flavors of Japan back in April, I was hungry and looking for more. Both the food and the restaurant weren’t over the top or flashy.

I was given an assortment of sashimi and sushi, A5 Wagyu beef, crab hand roll, (not pictured), salmon roe (not pictured), unagi (not pictured), and last but not least, dessert.

The first appetizer looks ordinary, but it’s handmade tofu mixed with monkfish liver and chilled for hours before serving.

jikasei ankimo tofu at shiki beverly hills
Ankimo Tofu (Made of Monkfish Liver)
From right to left: Grilled tofu with fish, fruit, snow crab, seaweed, wakamomo cubed jelly
Ultra fresh sashimi: toro, barracuda, yellowtail, kobujime

Meaty Abalone and Mori’s Yuzu Pepper Sauce

Steamed sliced abalone with a side of homemade yuzu pepper sauce

Wagyu Steak- Imported from Hiroshima, Japan and was melt in your mouth delicious!

Toban Yaki: grilled imported wagyu on a bed of assorted mushrooms and veggies with soy, sake, yuzu, and butter

It was my first Omakase experience and needless to say, all of the dishes were fresh, simple, and delicious. 

All good Omakase courses are going to be expensive. However, Shiki requires no passport and is cheaper than a flight to Japan.

happy birthday dinner dessert at shiki beverly hills
Happy Birthday Josh! Dessert

This relaxed, humble place has the warmest staff, including Mio, the general manager who clearly love what they do. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or just looking for delicious Japanese food, I highly recommend Shiki, although it will cost an arm and a leg!

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