My First Time Traveling Alone

The majority of my fans’ reactions when I announced that I was leaving was one of genuine concern. They were right to feel that way since it was going to be my FIRST time traveling alone.

And the other 20% of my fans were really REALLY excited for me!

I know, I know.

The world seems more dangerous than ever in this day and age.

Violent terror attacks and shootings have skyrocketed. The issues of human rights and gender inequality continue to largely exist.

But what are we suppose to do?

Be afraid, hide and never leave our homes?

The least we could do is educate ourselves, be vigilant and travel smart.

So to better prepare for my first time traveling alone to Europe, I went to a 4x World Champion Lucas Rocha’s Jiu Jitsu Dojo to learn some last minute self defense moves.

It was perfect because Jiu Jitsu focuses on technique over strength which means size and strength doesn’t matter as much as it does in other sports like boxing. So there is a greater chance for women to defend themselves.

It was last minute but learning these jiu jitsu moves made me feel 10x more confident in traveling alone.

My departure was coming close and I was filled with a flurry of emotions.

Was I excited? FUCK YEAH!

Was I sad? Not really

Was I scared? Scared to snap some dude’s neck with my new Jiu Jitsu moves? A little bit

The next day, I arrived at LAX with no expectations and no set plans but to try fried chicken at every country I went to. After that, I quickly passed through the gates (THANK YOU TSA PRE CHECK!!) and boarded my flight to Copenhagen for what would be a month of parts unknown.

I hadn’t been to Europe in over four years but I was ready. And I was on my way.

Sunrise view from airplane on my first time traveling alone
Beautiful view of the sunrise from the plane
Clouds view from airplane on my way to europe first time traveling alone
Unreal view of clouds from high up

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