The Beauty of Osaka

The beauty of Osaka cannot be described in one word.

Although most people would say it’s like a smaller Tokyo, Osaka goes far beyond that. Osaka, the third largest city in Japan is far different than its polished and pricey big brother Tokyo. With its own laid-back personality, and far less people than Tokyo, Osaka is relaxed and charming.

dotonburi large crab sign
iconic kani doraku crab on left

running man osaka
Iconic Glico’s running man sign at osaka

Dotonburi means to “eat extravagantly”, and eat extravagantly I did here.

dotonburi downtown osaka entrance
Entrance to Dotonbori Osaka

A feast for both the senses and for the belly. The illuminated downtown area will have you feeling wide awake as you stroll alongside the canal.

While my favorite moments of eating came from Osaka’s Fish Market, I also had tons of fun trying out the food in the city.

There was more art and peculiar discoveries in Osaka too.

I wandered and found myself at a shrine and read the wishes and prayers of Japanese locals. 

The city was relaxing, memorable, and there was a ton of room to breathe. It was nice not to have to have your guard up at all times in order to dodge people walking in your direction. With a delicious fish market, tons of amazingfood all around, and its own intricacies here and there, I effortlessly found beauty in Osaka. 

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