Wandering Kyoto – The Most Legendary Steak I’ve Ever Had

At the end of a residential street, close to the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto lies a restaurant with legendary steak called Steak Otsuka

legendary steak in kyoto steak otsuka kyoto japan

The legendary steak is SO REMARKABLE that the restaurant claims it is “So unbelievably good you will taste it in your dreams”

Of course, I had to try it out for myself to see if this statement was true

Steak Otsuka is a small restaurant and therefore does not take reservations during peak tourist seasons

Which is why Pekkle, Vouy, Angus, and I got there at 8 in the morning so we could put our name down

early morning at steak otsuka Putting our names down at 8am
legendary steak otsuka waitlist First on the list!

The restaurant doesn’t actually open until 11am

To kill time, a lot of people walk to the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest which is 5 minutes down the street.

To kill time, I wandered around the neighborhood which is where I ran into the smallest, cutest Japanese dog name Chiro.

wandering kyoto japan Chiro the Dog

The four of us patiently waited for Steak Otsuka to open up at 11am.

As time ticked by, crowds of hangry people began to show up in hopes of trying the legendary steak

people waiting for legendary steak kyoto the wait outside of otsuka steak

You’d better get in line early.

Or you’ll be waiting hours if the line doesn’t scare you like it scared away this biker.

biker in kyoto at otsuka steak biker coming for his steak
biker leaving after seeing the long wait

Alas, after diligently waiting while our appetite increased, our name was finally called and we marched up to the front like the breakfast of champions that we were!

We took off our shoes before sitting on the mats around the table

inside of otsuka steak kyoto japan traditional japanese restaurant set up

I ordered the A5 Hirai Sirlioin Steak combo which was the second most expensive meal you could get, after the A5 Murasawa combo.

Unfortunately the Murasawa Beef- Fairy Rare “Phantom Beef” ran out and was unavailable that day (only 80 of these cows are shipped a year).

Value Breakdown

At 5,700 Yen for the 150g meal (~50 USD), this is a STEAL.

In the US, this same meal of 150g Steak will cost you at least double! Alexander’s Steakhouse’s A5 Wagyu Steak costs $115-160 per 3oz, or roughly double this amount to get 150g.

150 gram = 5.29 ounces

85 gram = 3 ounces

You are essentially going to pay a minimum of $200 for this same Japanese steak in America.

The famous Kyoto steak finally arrives on a sizzling hot stone plate from the hands of polite and friendly waitresses

legendary fatty buttery steak in kyoto a5 hirai melt in your mouth buttery steak
aerial view of legendary steak Breakfast of champions!

We were salivating like the dogs that we were

And our photoshoot had to be quick because we didn’t want our legendary steak to get overly cooked on the stone plate

a plate of delicious art

I picked up the first piece of A5 juicy meat with my chopsticks and placed the delicate meat in my mouth

picking up the steak with my chopsticks

It was everything I could have hoped for

steak otsuka japan kyoto Amazing!

Moments later, I was taken into a foodgasmic high wonderland

This was when I concluded this was easily BY FAR the most LEGENDARY piece of meat I have ever had

And after leaving Steak Otsuka, I felt like a changed person as I walked off the fabulous meal I’d just experienced

The four of us wandered around Kyoto beaming with joy, happy to have experienced that rare legendary steak

I loved it

We loved it

Everyone loved it

So go get yours because just that meal alone is worth your flight to Kyoto

And you’ll be dreaming about this steak for days after because it’s


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