What To Do in Malta Alone or With Friends

what to do in malta alone spinola bay sunset

‘What to do in Malta alone?’ was what I thought to myself initially. But after spending just four nights on the islands of Malta (Malta, Comino, Gozo) I could’ve stayed there forever.

Besides beautiful, amazing, breathtaking and a million other synonyms in the thesaurus, I couldn’t even BEGIN to describe the islands of Malta. And neither could the 19th century poet Edward Lear. He ran out of ways to depict the picturesque landscape so quoted below, he made up the words ‘pomskizillious’ and ‘grophibberous’:

Its coastal scenery may truly be called pomskizillious and grophibberous, being as no words can describe its magnificence.

While I was with my friends on the first day, I spent the last three nights alone. If you’re considering traveling to these beautiful islands, Malta is generally a safe place to visit alone.

Getting around Malta isn’t the easiest though since all the landmarks are spread out. If you’re with friends, consider renting a car and splitting the cost. If you’re alone, I highly recommend taking the Hop On Hop Off Bus which is extremely organized and makes getting around all of the islands VERY VERY easy.

And finally, below is a list of what to do in Malta alone or with friends.

1. Explore Popeye’s Village and the film set, where the 1980’s movie ‘Popeye’ starring Robin Williams is located

view of popeye village in malta comino
Popeye Village, Malta

2. Have your alone Eat, Pray, Love moment at Xlendi Bay

Eat the freshest seafood pasta and have a bottle of wine to yourself at the Maltese restaurant Ta’ Karolina. I was initially wondering what to do in Malta alone and wasn’t looking for that cliche eat pray love moment where I fall in love with my pasta, but it happened!

What to do in malta alone eat pray love xlendi bay
My Eat. Pray. Love. Moment

3. Right after you have that Julia Roberts moment, explore Xlendi Bay. Hike up the stairs for some of the most amazing views you will ever see. There’s lots of water activities available too!

4. Take a Ferry to Comino, grab a fresh coconut nearby, and swim in the Blue Lagoon with your friends!

5. Sit at the top of the Blue Grotto and admire the unreal views

Explore the area like I did alone. I recommend bringing snacks and drinks so you can enjoy at the top

6. After the Blue Grotto, walk over to the pre-historic Hagar Qim Temple (40 minute walk), the oldest free-standing stone monuments in the world. Older than the pyramids of Egypt!

7. Explore the cities of Sliema, Valletta and stop by Jeff’s Pastizzeria nearby for the most delicious chicken pie ever.

8. Dive into St. Peter’s Pool! Go on a weekday or morning to avoid the crowds

what to do in malta alone st. peter's pool marsaxlokk
St. Peter’s Pool in Marsaxlokk, Malta

9. Get lost in Dwerja Bay and swim in the Blue Hole.

10. Marvel at the Ggantija Temples, one of the world’s oldest monuments

11. Still don’t know what to do in Malta alone and want to make new friends? Stay at a Party Hostel in St. Julian’s!

I didn’t know what to expect while I was there alone but I stayed at the Marco Polo Party Hostel in St. Julian’s and the hostel organizes some great events that allow you to easily meet others. I had no idea Malta had such a bustling nightlife scene, but I met some awesome people and had so much fun at the clubs and bars!

12. Watch the sunset at Spinola Bay

A magical way to end the day in Malta. One of the most beautiful I’ve seen.

what to do in malta alone spinola bay sunset
sunsets in malta are incredible

Malta, you were too good to me and I loved every second of you, alone or not. And I can’t wait to come back.

Til next time!


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