The Moment When I Became a Chillionaire in Kyoto 😎

It wasn’t easy to become a Chillionaire

In fact, it was probably serendipitous

Looking back, I like to believe that it was fate

That someway, somehow, I was meant to be there in that moment

That moment when I became… a Chillionaire in Kyoto 😎❄

There are few things that get me more fired up than DOGS and FAST CARS

So when Pekkle, Angus, Vouy, and I headed to Shinjuku Station to reserve our seats for the Shinkansen, Japan’s high speed bullet train that goes up to 603 kph, I was ecstastic! Vroom Vroom!

We were all SO excited! It was our very first time on the fastest public transportation vehicle in all of the land!

bullet train to kyoto
all aboard the shinkansen bullet train!

SO excited that we got on the wrong train!

Here’s what happened

After getting comfy in my seat for about 20 minutes, Japanese people started coming up to me and giving me weird looks. This was new and strange to me since Japanese people were so nice and polite during my experience so far

I figured it was because I had something on my face or because I looked like a foreigner (this was also when Japanese people didn’t recognize me for the CHILLIONAIRE that I was about to become)

Anyway, I ignored it

The guys called me from two seats behind

“Sandy! We’re getting off at the NEXT stop!”


I thought they were playing a joke on me and I laughed it off

But Vouy, Pekkle, and Angus started to pack their things up

They were dead serious

I put 2 and 2 together and that’s when I realized we had gotten on the wrong train! We were one bullet train TOO early. Our excitement got the best of us

So when the bullet train came to a halt, we got off and aboard the next bullet train we went

japanese people waiting for the shikansen
waiting in line for the next bullet train

Where I took out my bento of sesame honey glazed chicken, seaweed, eggs, pickled cabbage, and ham and potato salad 

eating on the bullet train
bento from japanese food hall

This time around, there were no angry Japanese people pointing at me or giving me strange looks

I kicked back, adjusted my seat, and looked out the window as the bullet train sped by the countryside fast as the speed of light!

riding the bullet train
Passing through the countryside

About two hours is all it took to get from Tokyo to Kyoto on the Shinkansen 

And when I finally arrived on the mean streets of Kyoto, I ran into this small little white puppy dog 🐶

The small white puppy dog had a name! Its name was CHIRO! (pronounced CHEER – OH)

I shamelessly crept up towards Chiro from afar, crouching closer and closer towards the tiny creature, reaching out and extending my arm as an offering of peace 🐶

From behind Chiro appears its super friendly owner who proceeds to scoop him up with one handand then throwsthe dog at me!

Below in the video, Chiro’s owner encourages me to play with the pup 

And so graciously began the birth of a CHILLIONAIRE… and a dog meme…


Dogs of Japan
Take 1: The Birth of a Dog Meme
Dogs of Kyoto
Take 2: Sandy and Chiro The Dog Before They Became Chillionaires

Trying to capture the PAWFECT SHOT

Girl and dog in japan
Take 3: Sandy and an out of focus Chiro The Dog


small white dog in kyoto
Take 4: Sandy and Chiro The Dog looking away from the camera

And then…


From the DogFather owner, to me, to the dog, to the chill streets of Kyoto, this was the moment when the stars aligned and everything was Just. Chill.

I had a fluffy white dog on my arm that was more chill than THE DogFather Snoop Dogg himself

snoop dogg with small white puppy dog
Snoop Dogg with a Dog

Maybe all along, I was born with it

Maybe it was Maybelline

Who knows?? All I know is I was DEFINITELY the chillest person in the chillest spot in Kyoto, one of the chillest places in Japan

And THIS was the moment when I became a CHILLIONAIRE in Kyoto 😎❄

Take 5: The moment when I became a chillionaire in kyoto
Chiro the dog meme
Birth of a meme: Chiro The Dog

deal with it dog

#ChiroTheDog #Chillin #Chillionaires

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